Practice Guidance for Patient Access

If you would like to register for Patient access please complete our registration form.

Before you begin to use Patient access we would appreciate it if you could read the following guidance regarding the booking of appointments over the Internet.

Reasons for Appointment

We would ask that you enter a reason for your appointment in the box provided when booking an appointment as this gives us the opportunity to ensure that it is appropriate for you to see the doctor rather than a nurse. Please be assured that all details entered are secure and cannot be intercepted. Our practice has a strict confidentiality policy.

Missed Appointments

Please let us know if you will be unable to attend an appointment that you have booked online. Either contact us by telephone to cancel it or cancel it online. This will allow us to offer the appointment to another patient.

We realise that there are valid reasons for not attending however we will be monitoring such occurrences on a regular basis.

If you miss an appointment more than 3 times in one year we will remove your facility to use Patient Access, however you will still be able to book appointments with our receptionists.


Due to the nature of nurses’ appointments we are unable to offer them online at this time, however we hope to be able to offer this service in the future. Please ensure that you book the appointments appropriately. If you are unsure as to whether it is appropriate for you to see a nurse or a doctor please contact us by telephone.

 Doctors Appointments  Nurses Appointments
 Suspected illness  Smears
 Illness  Childhood/baby immunisations
 Follow ups to previous consultations/lab results  Pill Checks
Medication Reviews  Dressings, removal of stitches

Inappropriate Use

We monitor the use of this service and we are sure that you will find it useful.  However, if we find that any abuse of the service, we will revoke your access to the service. You will have to liaise with our reception team for services.

We would consider inappropriate use as: Sending inappropriate or abusive messages, booking appointments and not using them more than 3 times a year, booking appointments for other family members using your name.

Repeat Prescriptions

Patient Access will give you a facility to send repeat medication requests to the surgery. We will still require 3 working days to process requests, and if you request medication not on your repeat list it may take longer. You can monitor the progress of your request via your Patient Access Homepage.

Your Responsibility

The practice will take every measure to ensure that your Patient Access application is secure. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Patient Access account remains this way. You are able to terminate or reset your Patient Access Account at any time by contacting the surgery in writing. You may wish to do this if you think someone else knows your logging in details or if you have shared details with a family member or partner and no longer wish them to know these details.

Please note that the practice does not manage the Patient Access Website and therefore cannot provide help with using the Patient Access..